"The anus of our country": John Oliver perfectly explains why you shouldn't hate the IRS — even if it's the worst

Plus: Michael Bolton sings a rousing IRS-themed rendition of "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You"

Published April 13, 2015 6:12PM (EDT)

     (Last Week Tonight With John Oliver)
(Last Week Tonight With John Oliver)

Tax Day is Wednesday, which means it'll soon be time to start blaming the IRS for everything in life that doesn't go your way. John Oliver took a brave stand on yesterday's "Last Week Tonight" and ran to the defense of those working the "thankless" and, even, "dangerously boring" job that is the IRS.

"The fact is, blaming the IRS because you hate paying your taxes is a bit like slapping your check-out clerk because the price of eggs has gone up," Oliver said. "It's not her fault -- she's just trying to help you get out of the store."

Putting this whole thing into anatomical terms for us, Oliver explained that the IRS would obviously be the anus of our country.

"Think of our country as a body," Oliver said. "The IRS is the anus. It's nobody's favorite part but you need that thing working properly or everything goes to shit real quick."

Oliver promised a "sexy reward" to all those who stuck it through the whole segment, and he sure delivered: Oliver brought Michael Bolton onto the show to serenade everyone with a rousing IRS-themed rendition of "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You." It even included the line "You never miss your anus until it's gone." Could you possibly ask for more?

Watch the clip below:

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