"I'm gonna wait til more horrible sh*t happens to our planet": Funny or Die PSA skewers congressional climate deniers

Raising awareness about "Climate Change Denial Disorder"

By Lindsay Abrams
Published April 15, 2015 7:06PM (EDT)
   (Screenshot, Funny or Die)
(Screenshot, Funny or Die)

What I like so much about Funny or Die's parody PSA about "Climate Change Denial Disorder" is that, aside from medicalizing what in actuality is just willful ignorance, it's pretty spot-on.

It's not necessarily funny though, especially when one character smiles into the camera and informs us, "I'm gonna wait til more horrible sh*t happens to our planet -- and I'm a senator, so fortunately, I get to make those decisions for all of us."

That's all the more difficult to hear knowing that the vast majority of all Americans -- including half of Republicans -- support government action on climate change.

Check the take-down out below:

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