Texas GOP lawmaker blames same-sex marriage for "what's going on in Baltimore"

Rep. Bill Flores suggests riots over police brutality actually have more to do with too few heterosexual marriages

By Jenny Kutner
Published April 29, 2015 9:01PM (EDT)
Bill Flores    (AP/Waco Tribune Herald/Jerry Larson)
Bill Flores (AP/Waco Tribune Herald/Jerry Larson)

In an impressive game of twisted current events mad libs, a Texas GOP lawmaker has managed to tie the Baltimore riots over police brutality to this week's Supreme Court case debating the future of same-sex marriage, blaming LGBT rights for the disintegration of the family and, subsequently, the violent protests ravaging American communities.

In a Wednesday radio appearance on the anti-LGBT Family Research Council’s "Washington Watch," U.S. Rep. Bill Flores (R) argued that marriage equality contributes to "the breakdown of the family" and therefore to higher rates of poverty, which could account for the protests in Baltimore. (Or, the riots could have something to do with Freddie Gray's unexplained death in police custody, or possibly the historical marginalization and current mistreatment of the black community especially at the hands of law enforcement, or any social ill that is, clearly, less grave than the threat of same-sex married couples -- but that's just a hunch!)

Agreeing with FRC president Tony Perkins, Flores asserted that legalized same-sex marriage would ultimately lead to the destruction of "traditional" families, and leave children impoverished.

"The single best indicator of whether or not a child is going to be in poverty or not is whether or not they were raised by a two-parent household or a single-parent household," Flores said. "And so the breakdown of the family has contributed to poverty."

"You look at what’s going on in Baltimore today ... you see issues that are raised there," he added. "And healthy marriages are the ones between a man and a woman, because they can have a healthy family and they can raise children in the way that’s best for their future -- not only socially, but psychologically, economically, from a health perspective. There's just nothing like traditional marriage that does that for a child."

Listen to Flores' argument, via Right Wing Watch, below:

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