"Were they Muslims/Or insider blokes?": This is the best terrible song about "false flag" terror attacks that you will ever hear

And the only one written by a self-proclaimed expert in the Denver International Airport penis conspiracy

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published April 29, 2015 7:50PM (EDT)
 William Tapley (Screen shot)
William Tapley (Screen shot)

William Tapley -- the proprietor of Third Eagle Media and renowned expert in the phallic cabal behind the Denver International Airport -- dropped his new joint, "False Flag (New World Order Theme Song)," today -- and it doesn't disappoint.

From its Sousa-inspired rhythms to its inspirational lyrics -- e.g. "Take your FEMA camps and shove them up your butts!" -- there is literally nothing about this song that won't make you glad you spent two minutes and fifty-eight seconds of your life listening to it.

Watch "False Flag (New World Order Theme Song)" below via Third Eagle Media on YouTube.


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