What's next for Michelle Obama after office? Raising David Letterman's child

She admits to having lots of experience dealing with a very "salty biscuit" back home

Published May 1, 2015 3:36PM (EDT)

   (The Late Show With David Letterman)
(The Late Show With David Letterman)

Michelle Obama, much like the soon-to-be retired David Letterman, is gearing up for a major change of pace come 2016. What's next for her, you ask? The first lady stopped by "The Late Show" Thursday night to cross "running for president" off that list. But, raising Letterman's child? Well, that seems like a real possibility.

"You seem so challenged. I can walk you through it -- that Grumpy Cat road," Michelle told Letterman after he explained that he'd been having a bit of difficulty laying down the law with his 11-year-old son. Michelle assured Letterman that this was just a passing phase and that she, too, was dealing with a "very Grump Cat" back at home (she wouldn't specify which of her daughters).

“We have one who generally stays here,” she said "And one we call our ‘Grumpy Cat.’ Our ‘Salty Biscuit.’ You just never know what you’re gonna get from that one!”

Michelle went on to explain that she's done her best to "treat them normally," despite all the pressure that's been piled on them. “We don’t let our circumstance become an excuse for them.”

“See, I do,” Letterman snapped back. “My son thinks he’s being raised in the White House.”

By Colin Gorenstein

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