Key & Peele imagine a world without trigger-happy cops: "It's like a Utopia for black people!"

"You can wear your hoodie and not get shot!"

Published May 6, 2015 4:59PM (EDT)

       (Comedy Central)
(Comedy Central)

While the new season of "Key & Peele" isn't slated to air until July 8, Comedy Central likely felt the sketch titled "Negrotown" was just too timely to be shelved for that long.

"Negrotown" plays out like a dream sequence, circling around the question of what the black experience might look like without lingering fear of targeted police brutality. What if it was possible to walk the streets without getting "stopped, harassed or beaten," the sketch asks viewers to consider. In Negrotown, black people sing and dance and cartwheel down the streets. Residents need umbrellas because strong black men are literally raining down. "Stupid-ass white people" don't grab your hair without first asking permission. "You can wear your hoodie and not get shot!" three men in hoodies croon.

Watch the clip below:

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