Anderson Cooper explains the point of ClickHole by totally missing the point of ClickHole

"Do u make this stuff up? I never said this quote," the CNN host tweeted

Published May 18, 2015 8:21PM (EDT)

In case you don't know what ClickHole is, Anderson Cooper can help you. The CNN host inadvertently (and publicly) acknowledged his ignorance of the satirical website's purpose on Monday, when he tweeted a question that probably should've been rhetorical, but does not seem to have been meant that way:

ClickHole does, indeed, make this stuff up, because that is the point of the entire site. It is run by the same people behind The Onion, with the premise that "all content deserves to go viral." It is a joke on the whole Internet, and Cooper fell for it. He's not alone, though: the reporter joins Russell Crowe in his public confusion over a misattributed fake quote. Illustrious company!

By Jenny Kutner

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