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Bill O’Reilly: President Hillary will destroy all that is good about America -- so the GOP must cut taxes now

"The only way business will expand is with tax cuts"

Scott Eric Kaufman
May 20, 2015 4:30PM (UTC)

Fox News blowhard Bill O'Reilly continued his Let's Not Talk About Those Domestic Violence Accusations Tour 2015 on Tuesday night with another deep dive into the Republican Party's Greatest 20th Century Hits. On Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor,” having re-litigated the Vietnam War on Monday night, the host commenced to trumpet the most standard of them — that only tax cuts can save America now.

"There's a philosophy that countries eventually get what they deserve," he began, "and history is littered with fallen regimes." There are two reasons America could join them in history's dustbin -- the first being that wages for the working class have stagnated.


Of course, for O'Reilly, "the only way wages will rise is for business to expand" -- and the only way business will expand "is with tax cuts, the way Ronald Reagan did it in the 1980s."

He accused the Obama administration of stealing money from the working class, saying taxes "were up big time," and that "the federal government took in more money from workers than ever before."

The second problem O'Reilly identified was "worldwide terrorism," in particular, Iran, which "trains and funds terror operations all over the Middle East, and now they may get a nuclear weapon."


How do those two problems relate to Hillary Clinton? The next presidential election, he claimed, will occur "in the shadow" of these problems, and so the "fifteen men and one women" who will be "brawling" on the Republican side, and Clinton on the Democratic, will have to address it -- and Clinton, he said, can't.

She can't, he surmised, because she can't even keep her email accounts straight. "Despite Ms. Clinton saying she only used one email address while Secretary of State, two were used by her in reality." Moreover, in one of those accounts, she exchanged emails with a well-known friend of the Clinton family, Sidney Blumenthal, while he was also hashing out a business deal in Libya.

After concocting this thinly connected web of innuendo, O'Reilly actually said that he is "exhausted with all this Hillary Clinton stuff, and I bet you are too. The ongoing drama is getting tedious, and takes away from the serious business of fixing America" -- by which he meant, of course, cutting taxes on the wealthy.


Of course, the fact that O’Reilly and Fox News have chosen this moment to return to dependable old Republican clichés is probably purely coincidental and has nothing to do with recent revelations about why this champion of family values lost custody of his children, and speculation that it may be because of a history of domestic abuse.

Watch the entire "Talking Points Commentary" below via Fox News.


Scott Eric Kaufman

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