Twitter reacts to disturbing Josh Duggar revelations: "Today irony and karma got married"

"Sure Josh may have groped his sisters, but that proves he's not gay!"

Published May 22, 2015 3:42PM (EDT)

Josh Duggar's fall from grace was rich with irony, and Twitter being Twitter, mockery was the order of the day:

[embedtweet id="600769634711707650"]

[embedtweet id="601558380117946368"]

[embedtweet id="601505658211414020"]

[embedtweet id="601744541260066817"]

[embedtweet id="601600392544260096"]

[embedtweet id="601587749813104640"]

[embedtweet id="601767816857915394"]

[embedtweet id="601767794305204224"]

[embedtweet id="601767488892764160"]

[embedtweet id="601767451773313025"]

[embedtweet id="601567052931948544"]

And right on cue!

[embedtweet id="601768059318214656"]

[embedtweet id="601580174212116480"]

Some on the religious right -- in this case, Mike Huckabee -- tried to defend him, but Twitter wouldn't abide:

[embedtweet id="601765329870692352"]

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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