Jack White opens up about his relationship with Meg and blasts music festivals: “half the shows i play i’d rather not play"

The Third Man Records boss answered fan questions in a Q&A this weekend

Published May 26, 2015 7:46PM (EDT)

Jack White        (AP/Vince Bucci)
Jack White (AP/Vince Bucci)

This weekend, a typically gloomy Jack White held a private Q&A for members of Third Man Records’ Vault, expressing doubts about a future tour and definitively dashing fans' hopes of a White Stripes reunion.

Saying that he isn't sure that another tour would be "worth it," White vented his frustrations with life on the road. “i’d say half the shows i play i’d rather not play. festivals for example. but i have to make the best of it and try to get inspired,” he wrote. “it’s hard when the people who organize festivals basically control my life … i have to book shows around their offer that i can’t refuse … it’s very expensive to tour … people think that’s how musicians make their money these days sadly, but it’s hard to on the road no matter what size you are.”

At another point, he mused that “sometimes creating in a closet and never releasing it has its advantages."

Responding to a question about a possible White Stripes reunion with former band-mate and ex-wife Meg White, White said that “she doesn't answer her phone” and "that time is gone.” And asked whether he would be attending Dead Weather bandmate Alison Mosshart's upcoming in New York City, White responded, “i only go to new york if i have to, nothing feels special there when you’re creative, everyone feels like they’ve seen and done it all, hard for me to be inspired.”

You can read the rest of the interview here, although it only gets gloomier. For instance, responding to the question "What is something we might not know about you?" White wrote: “that i don’t belong here, and most of the time its’ torture trying to find reasons to stay" (he later clarified that he was referring to being in the chat and that he was just joking, but still).

Cheer up, Jack, at least you're not watching basbeall.

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