Watch Josh Duggar joke about incest in 2008 clip from TLC show

"We thought, why not? Have a double date! We are from Arkansas!"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published May 27, 2015 2:28PM (EDT)

In a 2008 episode of "17 Kids and Counting," as it was called at the time, Josh Duggar cracked jokes about incest, claiming that that's just what people in Arkansas do.

Duggar, whose father Jim Bob helped him avoid prosecution for molesting his younger sisters, can be seen in the clip describing what was supposed to have been a date with his fiancée Anna -- but the movie was R-rated, so his chaperone couldn't get in.

Instead, he said, the producers had his sister Jana and brother John David accompany him on a "double date."

"We thought, why not? Have a double date! We are from Arkansas!" he said, before breaking into uproarious laughter.

His father probably didn't find the joke quite so amusing, as his official campaign platform in 2002 indicated that he believed incest to a sin punishable by death.

Watch the entire clip via TMZ below.

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