Rudy Giuliani tells Fox News: Disrespectful Obama should carry around a "Hate Police" sign

The root cause of the imaginary spike in violent crime is disrespect for authority, and "it starts at the top"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published June 12, 2015 1:27PM (EDT)
 Rudy Giuliani (Fox News)
Rudy Giuliani (Fox News)

Bill O'Reilly spoke with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday about how younger Americans are increasingly disrespecting authority -- in particular, the police -- leading to situations like the one that occurred in McKinney, Texas last Friday.

Giuliani began by saying that "a lot of this has to do with the breakdown in family -- although that situation hasn't gotten much better or worse." There was an interim of 20 years in which New York City was the safest large American cities, so he and O'Reilly agreed that there couldn't be a one-to-one correlation between the condition of the American family and what they fail to realize is a non-existent spike in violent crime.

They identified the cause of the problem to be public schooling. Politicians who want to bring an end to this imaginary uptick in violence should support vouchers and charter schools and "go up against the teachers unions." They don't do this because "they're afraid of the teachers unions, [because] they're cowardly politicians."

"It looks to me like we have a lost generation," O'Reilly replied, seemingly satisfied with Giuliani's argument that teachers unions are responsible for violent crime in urban environs. "Even the good kids are seeing the bad kids get away with stuff that we never would've gotten away with when we were in school."

"So you have this decline in respect for authority," O'Reilly explained. "That's what happened in McKinney, Texas. The kids did what they wanted, said the f-word and did this, that, and the other thing to the cops. When police see disrespect to them, they go, 'I'm not even going to bother anymore.' That's when everything breaks down."

"It all starts at the top," Giuliani said, "with the president, with the former attorney general, with the mayor." He added that when "a president finds himself so critical of the police all the time" and "has Al Sharpton sitting next time," he might as well "carry around a poster [reading] 'Hate Police.'"

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

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