Sustainability Podcast: Listen to what happened when Salon reporters ate bugs

What kind of snacks are served at a Bug Brunch? Find out in our very first podcast

Published June 23, 2015 2:36PM (EDT)

      (Peter Kai/Shutterstock)
(Peter Kai/Shutterstock)

It's 2015, and all the cool kids are eating bugs.

And as your fearless sustainability reports, we feel we've done a pretty good job, up until now, of telling you about it. We reported on adventurous, eco-conscious eaters who assured us that crickets taste great if you cook them right, and that despite our cultural hangups, there's no logical reason not to sprinkle some protein-rich insects into our diets.

Yet while we were happy to report on their culinary experiments, and to back up their claims that insects are the sustainable meat alternative of the future (an idea also endorsed by the United Nations), we'd yet to try them for ourselves. Until now.

This wasn't the type of experience we felt we could capture in print. So trendy snack start-ups Hopper FoodsBitty FoodsSix FoodsChapul and Exo sent us samples of their cricket flour-based granola, protein bars, chips and cookies, Grant Shprintz whipped out his microphone, and we had ourselves our first (and maaaaaybe not the last) Bug Brunch. And we're excited to report back.

By Lindsay Abrams

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