Ann Coulter: Donald Trump "is speaking for working-class Americans, for African-Americans!"

"The media and the government won't tell us the truth, but the people in America know what the truth is," she said

Published July 7, 2015 1:26PM (EDT)

Donald Trump, Ann Coulter (Credit: Fox News)
Donald Trump, Ann Coulter (Credit: Fox News)

On "Hannity" Monday evening, conservative columnist Ann Coulter came to the defense of Donald Trump, claiming that not only are his remarks about Mexican criminality correct, but that in speaking them he has become a champion of working class and black Americans.

"Ann, boy, your timing on the book -- look what happens!" guest host Eric Bolling gushed, momentarily forgetting that what happened was the brutal murder of Kate Steinle. "This is big stuff, isn't it?"

"We've all been warned all week," she replied, "'Watch out for ISIS!' 'Watch out for ISIS!' But no, instead, it's an illegal immigrant."

Coulter went on to describe how both Republicans and Democrats were attempting to avoid the situation, highlighting Chris Christie's recent remarks that fences don't work because humans can overcome them. "Of course fences work," she said. "That's like saying buckets won't work! Americans aren't stupid -- why doesn't Christie tell that to Israel or China, because their fences work just fine."

"Why don't we just try a fence?" an increasing manic Coulter asked. Bolling jumped in to calm her down, adding that it's always "people living behind gated communities...telling us fences don't work."

Coulter later complained that the media attempts to disguise the crimes committed by undocumented immigrants by writing headlines like "North Carolina man indicted on child rape." She said that "we can't know how many Americans were killed this weekend by illegal immigrants, whether in drunk driving accidents or heinous murders like this one in San Francisco."

"The media won't tell us the truth, the government won't tell us the truth, but the people in America know what the truth is," she added, without actually explaining how exactly the American people would know something that she believes is being deliberately kept from them.

"I'm so sick of this nonsense about Donald Trump being the racist here," she continued. "He's the one speaking for working-class Americans, for African-Americans! Have you seen the teenage black unemployment rate? Why shouldn't they be getting those jobs? It's Donald Trump that's speaking up for them!"

Watch the entire conversation below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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