"Every show is 100 percent me": Inside Donald Trump's private Hollywood event -- and his new attack on right-wing media

Trump fired back hard at George Will, Charles Krauthammer and others at a speech to California conservatives

Published July 11, 2015 6:02PM (EDT)

There are conservatives in Hollywood. GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to hundreds of them last night at a private event for the Friends of Abe. (Hollywood is a city based on illusions, after all, and the idea that today's GOP is still the party of Abe Lincoln appears to be one of them.)

The Hollywood Reporter managed to get some quotes from the room.

According to the Reporter, Trump told the crowd:

On Al Sharpton:

"(He) called me a racist. He came up to my office and apologized — it's true. No one will write that story."

On the media frenzy:

"Anderson Cooper called wanting another interview because his ratings went up. Every show is 100 percent me."

On conservative writers:

Charles Krauthammer, he hates me ... George Will is a disaster."

On political pundits:

"Most of them are dopes."

On ESPN cutting ties with him:

"It was for one round of golf at my course. I didn't even know I had a deal with ESPN. I kept the deposit and rented it to someone else."

On NBC cutting ties:

"NBC abandoned me because I'm running for president and NBC was very angry with me. This has nothing to do with inclusion. This has to do with me not doing Apprentice. NBC was not loyal, but I'm running for president, and I can't hold that against them."

On Ann Coulter, who attended the event:

"I love her. She's so pretty. She lost Chris Christie when he gave Obama a French kiss."

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