Breitbart's Ben Shapiro: You're "stupider than a three year old" if you believe trans people should be accepted

He's clearly still smarting from the "spanking" he received from trans woman Zoey Tur last week

Published July 23, 2015 5:04PM (EDT)

 Zoey Tur, Ben Shapiro (Credit: Fox News)
Zoey Tur, Ben Shapiro (Credit: Fox News)

For someone who felt threatened enough to file a police report alleging battery against trans woman Zoey Tur, Breitbart Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro certainly seems to be enjoying himself, as evidenced by how he continued to mock the trans community on "The Morning Answer" Wednesday.

"This is the whole point," he said, "we're stupider than three year olds. We are dumber than three year olds. We have frontally lobotomized ourselves to the point where we have to unlearn things. Barbie might be a man! Who knows? Ken might be a woman! Who knows?"

"Bruce Jenner didn't have to do anything to be called a woman," Shapiro added. "He didn't have to put on the dress. He didn't have to put on the make-up, have the hormone treatments, get the boobs -- if he had just said, 'On the inside, I am a woman, we'd have to treat him as a woman." For some reason, Shapiro pronounced the word "woman" with something resembling a Latino accent.

He was evidently annoyed -- but given the tone of the conversation with its frequent punctuation of laughter, clearly not threatened -- by statements Tur made to KFI AM 640's Bill Carroll on Tuesday, in which she accused him of "acting like a little brat" when they appeared together on "Dr. Drew On Call."

"I came so close to putting him over my knee and spanking him," she said, adding that she behaved "like your mother would when you've been bad."

When asked whether she has been contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department, Tur replied, "Come on! How can you not laugh at this? How could a detective or the police department keep a straight face? You saw the videotape. If he had felt assaulted, if he thought there had been a battery, he would have said something."

"Instead," Tur noted, "he said this is 'mildly inappropriate.' He's a wimp. You go onto a show and start being racist or transphobic -- look, I'm Jewish, and even Jews have our racists and homophobes, and Shapiro is one of them."

"Words have power, words can do great harm," she added, "and Ben Shapiro is doing great harm. So he almost got spanked, what do you expect?"

Tur later noted that Shapiro is an ultra-Orthodox Jew, and she characterized his religion as "a very misogynistic cult anyway, where women are treated differently -- they’re not allowed to touch men."

"So, maybe that’s the battery," she speculated. “Maybe a woman touched him, and put her hand on his shoulder or the back of his neck, and that’s prescribed in the ultra-Orthodox religion -- maybe that’s the battery he’s talking about."

Writing on his editor's behalf, Brietbart's Daniel Nussbaum claimed that Tur was "tripling down" on her threat to send him home from "Dr. Drew On Call" in an ambulance. In the article -- which followed its editor's lead and referred to Tur by masculine pronouns throughout -- Nussbaum also alleges that Tur "leveled anti-Semitic insults at Shapiro" when she commented on his faith.

"I never invoked my religion in discussion about transgenderism, given that it is irrelevant," Shapiro told his mouthpiece, which is strange, since he clearly did talk about his religion in the discussion about transgenderism.

"The transgender suicide rate is approximately .8 in every 100," he said on "Dr. Drew On Call," and "the only comparable suicide in human history is Jews living under Austrian and German rule during World War II." Of course, he doesn't seem to realize that in his own analogy, he's not the Jew -- he's the Nazi.

Listen to Shapiro and his co-hosts mock trans individuals beginning approximately 24 minutes into the clip from "The Morning Answer" below.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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