Funny or Die skewers Trump for "war hero" comments in spot-on parody

While John McCain was fighting in Vietnam, Trump was fighting to stay awake in UPenn classes

Published July 23, 2015 5:45PM (EDT)

  (Reuters/L.e. Baskow)
(Reuters/L.e. Baskow)

Donald Trump's most recent case of word-vomit -- claiming that John McCain shouldn't be considered a "war hero" just because he was captured -- has now become the subject of a Funny or Die parody video.

The GOP frontrunner and real-estate mogul, who has yet to apologize to McCain or to "all POWs" for his comments (and has no plans to do so), never fought in Vietnam. But he did attend UPenn's Wharton business school. Practically the same thing, right?


Funny or Die pokes fun at Trump in the black-and-white video, comparing his hardships at the Ivy League college to those of POWs in Vietnam.

"How Donald Trump got stuck at Wharton was a mix of bad timing, bad luck and a family friend in the admissions office," the narrator says. "Instead of being free to fight for his nation, Trump was forced to stay on his college campus and slog through the swampy minefields of hotel/resort management. It was torture. Trump would be forced to stay awake for 45 minutes at a time in what were called classes."

Watch the clip courtesy of Funny or Die below:

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