Watch: Authorities arrest peaceful Ferguson protesters outside the Department of Justice in St. Louis

Among those believed to be arrested are activists DeRay McKesson and Netta, and scholar Cornel West

By Scott Eric Kaufman
August 10, 2015 11:16PM (UTC)
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(Credit: DeRay McKesson)

On the same day he was featured in the New York Times reading his tweets about the last time he was in Ferguson, Missouri, activist DeRay McKesson was arrested in Ferguson outside of the Department of Justice for allegedly filming the arrests of other protesters.

McKesson began the day documenting the protest:


[embedtweet id="630804891946999808"]

[embedtweet id="630805114958282752"]

[embedtweet id="630805293996216320"]

[embedtweet id="630806045460402176"]

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[embedtweet id="630806557559816192"]


[embedtweet id="630806642863525888"]

At this point, the updates stop, because:

[embedtweet id="630808973046886400"]

Nor was he the only one taken into custody:

[embedtweet id="630807573902565376"]

[embedtweet id="630810622326915072"]

Before the protest, one of those arrested, Johnetta Elzie, made a point to note her current mental state:


[embedtweet id="630804684744212480"]

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