Donald Trump, Ann Coulter (Credit: Fox News)

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump can personally perform abortions in the White House if he makes this happen

That is how enamored she is of his newly published, hard-line anti-immigration policies

Scott Eric Kaufman
August 17, 2015 5:59PM (UTC)

After Donald Trump released an official statement on his website outlining, specifically, how he will confront the immigration crisis and compel Mexico to fund the construction of a wall along the border it shares with the United States, conservative columnist Ann Coulter swelled with enthusiasm for the real estate magnate:

[embedtweet id="632951164733140992"]


[embedtweet id="632951630955212800"]

[embedtweet id="632951829656158209"]

Clearly, the woman approves of his proposed policies -- and I mean really, really approves:

[embedtweet id="632954040675078144"]

[embedtweet id="632960355015225345"]

Conservatives should follow her under this bridge she's been trolling, because this is the only issue that matters:

[embedtweet id="632960705369669632"]

[embedtweet id="632964129884651520"]

It's not just conservatives who benefit from Trump's plan, though, because apparently #BlackLivesMatter when you're trying to create new electoral voting blocks:

[embedtweet id="632994996917010432"]


Scott Eric Kaufman

Scott Eric Kaufman is an assistant editor at Salon. He taught at a university, but then thought better of it. Follow him at @scottekaufman or email him at

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