Samantha Bee boasts about which of her lady-parts will make "Full Frontal" must-see viewing

In the second promo for her new late-night comedy show, the former "Daily Show" correspondent bares all

By Scott Eric Kaufman
September 2, 2015 8:06PM (UTC)
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In the first teaser for her new TBS current events show "Full Frontal," former "Daily Show" correspondent made it abundantly clear that when it debuts in January, her show wouldn't be an endless parade of sausages.

In the second, released today, she admitted that while she knows she's entering a male-dominated field, she would differentiate herself from her competitors by providing a "nuanced perspective on world events," interviewing "newsmakers from across the ideological spectrum," and being the only late-night comedy host with "ten-pound lady-balls."


Watch the entire spot below via TBS.

Samantha Bee Will Join Late-Night Fray In January


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