"Moosechelle" and "Dat b*tch" Hillary insults take down idiot Illinois official

Some of Daniel Gallagher's insulting Facebook posts were made during normal work hours

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published October 16, 2015 1:33PM (EDT)

 (Cook County State's Attorney's Office)
(Cook County State's Attorney's Office)

If you are going to go on Facebook to post inflammatory comments about the first lady it is probably best if you aren't a top legal official in her home county and it's probably best that you don't spew your insults during work hours, but unfortunately for Daniel Gallagher that is exactly what he did and now he is plum out of a job.

As head of the civil division at the state’s attorney office for Cook County ( I can't help but think of "The Good Wife"), Gallagher supervised about 120 lawyers handling much of the county's legal business, according to Chicago's FOX 32 News, but during at least some of his office down time he had a nasty habit of making derogatory Facebook comments.

"I think Moosechelle was hiding a secret service agent in the seat of her dress," Gallagher wrote beneath an image of Michelle Obama greeting Pope Francis.

"As Eddie Murphy would say, 'Dat b*tch ugly,'" he wrote another time on an image of Hillary Clinton ordering at an Iowa Chipotle.

"Sounds like black privilege to me," he wrote on an article about Al Sharpton.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is "an inarticulate, incompetent moron," according to another post.

Gallagher's history of Facebook posts was traced by FOX 32 and the Better Government Association, who found that many of the posts were made during normal work hours.

After being made aware of his Facebook activity, a spokesperson for State's Attorney Anita Alvarez called the comments "troubling and inappropriate" and said that Gallagher had since resigned his $153,000 a year position.

When contacted by Fox 32, however, Gallagher defended himself, saying, "I haven't given up my right to comment... I wasn't stating it on behalf of my office or the position that I hold."

Watch Fox 32's report:

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By Sophia Tesfaye

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