FILE - This Oct. 8, 2014, file photo shows Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, center, making a face after taking the stage to debate other gubernatorial candidates in Portland, Maine. To some in Maine LePage is hot-headed and divisive. Others consider his unconventional approach to governing a breath of fresh air. In a tight three-way race for governor marked by fights over welfare, health care and jobs, the core question often focuses on LePage's abrasive leadership style. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File) (AP)

America's dumbest governor appoints creationist as education commissioner: Today in Tea Party lunacy

Paul LePage, Tea Party clown, finds a fellow Flat Earther to shape his state's young minds

Christine Jun
October 19, 2015 8:12PM (UTC)

Meet Maine's new education commissioner: He thinks creationism belongs in schools.

Maine's governor, Paul LePage, just appointed Bill Beardsley as Maine's acting education commissioner for the next six months. If LePage wishes, he can appoint Beardsley for the position permanently. Perhaps even more worrisome is that both LePage and Beardsley agree that Maine's young should be taught creationism alongside evolution in public school.


When both men ran for governor in 2011, this was a scene that actually unfolded at a debate.

Asked “Do you believe in creationism, and do you think it should be taught in Maine public schools?," LePage impressively backed up his creationist belief: “I would say intelligence, uh, the more education you have the more knowledge you have the better person you are and I believe yes and yes.”

Beardsley simply replied: “I would teach creationism.”


The concerned parents and citizens of Maine should probably ask themselves: do they really want a man who denied scientific proof of global warming while serving as LePage's conservation commissioner to be responsible for shaping their children's minds?

Hmm, that one's a no-brainer.

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