"Half-human, half-demon/goat/alien beings": Check out National Geographic's 10 craziest creatures spotted on earth

Wait, not one of them is Donald Trump?

Mahak Morsawala
October 19, 2015 7:57PM (UTC)

These 10 mysterious creatures "spotted" consist of blurry images of silhouettes in the dark, graphic images of weird-looking corpses and sketches of demonic creatures. From the mysterious Moth Man supposedly seen by a number of witnesses in 1966, to a squishy, purple jellyfish-like creature spotted in Taiwan this year, this video covers all legends, deep sea monsters and devils seen on Earth in the past century or so.

The most 'real' and believable creatures were the alleged 500 million-year mollusks and the giant whale-like creature seen in New Zealand. Most of the sea creatures featured could very well be real, as a lot of deep ocean has gone unexplored and we do lack information and knowledge- which is understandable as it is a difficult area of Earth to study in depth (pardon the pun).


Another interesting aspect of this video were the half-human half-demon/goat/alien beings spotted in towns and cities in the 1900s, in American cities in particular. The Pope Lick Monster, the Jersey Devil, the Moth Man, the Flatwood Monster seem like urban legends.

But what makes these alleged creatures believable was the fact that there were multiple witnesses - children, grave diggers, couples driving in the dark. Some of these people swear by what they saw to this day. Either way, this video presents us with the possibility that says we're not alone. 

Mahak Morsawala

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