"FML": Martin Shkreli, the world's most hated pharmaceutical CEO, is trying to win back hearts and minds by trolling

Just when you think it's not possible for him to be more despicable

By Scott Eric Kaufman
October 20, 2015 5:17PM (UTC)
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The most hated man in America took to Twitter yesterday to remind anyone who didn't hate him why, in fact, they should.

First, Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli attempted to claim that Bernie Sanders was a terrible human being for raising the price of a donation from $3 to $25.66, a 755 percent increase -- which is the exact percentage of the hike Shkreli ordered for a drug to treat toxoplasmosis. He seemed utterly oblivious the fact that this "gotcha" moment was undermined by the fact that campaign donations and life-saving medications aren't the same thing:


This was two days after Shkreli claimed that he was:

And then he demanded sympathy -- or something. It's not easy to tell, given that he's a professional troll:

The point is, if you were curious about whether it was possible for Shkreli to redeem himself -- to re-find his humanity and acquire something resembling a soul -- you need wonder no longer.


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