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Julianne Moore slams the "calcified gun lobby" for being out of touch: Gun control "isn’t anti-gun; it’s pro-common sense"

The actress issued a powerful call to action in an essay on The Huffington Post

Anna Silman
October 29, 2015 10:45PM (UTC)

Julianne Moore is joining other prominent entertainers like Amy Schumer and Beyonce in speaking out about gun control, penning an essay for The Huffington Post titled, aptly: "The Creative Community Takes on Gun Violence.”

While Moore says she “respect[s] the Second Amendment,” she argues that gun reform isn’t a question of being pro-gun or anti-gun. As she puts it, “that is simply a false choice.” Rather, "keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of convicted criminals, terrorists, domestic abusers, stalkers and dangerous people isn’t anti-gun; it’s pro-common sense.”


"While we have made dramatic progress in states and cities across the country, we still haven't done for gun safety what we've done for auto safety,” Moore writes. "The problem comes down to a powerful but calcified gun lobby that is out of step with its own constituents of gun owners and with the American people."

"We know that more than 90 percent of Americans support common-sense reforms that are proven to save lives,” she continues. "What not enough people know and what the gun lobby doesn't want more of us to know is that a large majority of gun owners support these reforms too.”

Moore then implores readers to visit wecanendgunviolence.org and sign up to help “grow the movement.” She and her fellow actors and artists have also formed a “Creative Council” in co-ordination with Everytown, which you can read about here.


Trump up in Arms over Gun Control

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