Marco Rubio can't deny his chronic absenteeism, so he attacked the media for pointing it out

The serial truant blamed the media for calling attention to his awful attendance record

Published October 29, 2015 1:15AM (EDT)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio attacked the media -- both the representatives of it in the room and those in the world at large -- for daring to criticize him for "ripping off" the citizens of his home state by refusing to do his job.

Referring to the Florida Sun-Sentinel's call for him to resign, Rubio agreed that he does, in fact, "hate his job."

Rubio claimed that there's a double-standard for conservatives, given that the same newspaper endorsed President Barack Obama despite him having missed "sixty or seventy percent of the votes." Obama did, in fact, vote "present" approximately 3 percent of the time during his tenure in the Senate -- but that's a far cry from Rubio's abysmal voting record, as he hasn't even been available to vote "present" for a third of the votes this year.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush rushed to Rubio's defense, in a manner, saying that he's supported the Senator, but the "endorsement" was far from rousing.

Watch what Rubio had to say about the media below:

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By Scott Eric Kaufman

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