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Patton Oswalt takes on the Republicans: "Let's get ready to gape in disbelief!"

Follow along as Patton Oswalt live-tweets the wingnut fantasia otherwise known as the GOP debate

Brendan Gauthier
October 29, 2015 4:45AM (UTC)

The kids' table candidates have been removed from the stage and George Pataki returned to obscurity. CNBC analyst Joe Kernen is done dribbling through his pre-debate coverage. Now it's time for GOP debate No. 3.

But steer clear of a top-heavy drinking game; tonight's debate will be another long one. And to help you get through it, here's a sampling of Patton Oswalt doing what he does better than anyone on Twitter:


[embedtweet id="659411696763584512"]

[embedtweet id="659519654725967872"]

[embedtweet id="659522105482973184"]

[embedtweet id="659524688712876033"]

[embedtweet id="659526785063714816"]

[embedtweet id="659527932424011776"]

[embedtweet id="659528249995726848"]


[embedtweet id="659529029049937920"]

[embedtweet id="659529415345332225"]

[embedtweet id="659531806652260352"]

[embedtweet id="659532829886316544"]

[embedtweet id="659533749164511232"]

[embedtweet id="659535584642273280"]

[embedtweet id="659536307417288704"]


[embedtweet id="659537365203968000"]

[embedtweet id="659538238567124992"]

[embedtweet id="659538755406073856"]

[embedtweet id="659542014107631616"]

[embedtweet id="659544126426222592"]

[embedtweet id="659546275650506752"]

[embedtweet id="659548113435099136"]


[embedtweet id="659549364612825088"]

[embedtweet id="659553760474062848"]

[embedtweet id="659554005496954881"]

[embedtweet id="659554153069330432"]

[embedtweet id="659554383206584320"]

[embedtweet id="659554731614846982"]

[embedtweet id="659554937521631232"]


[embedtweet id="659555108565336064"]

[embedtweet id="659555327780634624"]

[embedtweet id="659555599554707456"]

[embedtweet id="659555894254923777"]

[embedtweet id="659556299961532416"]

[embedtweet id="659556411207118848"]

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