Meanwhile, the other half of conservative Twitter is convinced Ben Carson's cooked

Lying about military service -- actual or potential -- apparently is a bridge too far for the GOP now

By Scott Eric Kaufman
November 6, 2015 11:05PM (UTC)
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Far be it for me to be disagreeing with my esteemed colleague Sophia Tesfaye, but there's a whole 'nother swath of conservative Twitter that isn't hunkering down so much as hoisting the white flag on this serial liar's quickly sinking campaign.

Breitbart's John Nolte, for example, isn't optimistic about Carson's chances of survival:


Neither is the New York Times' Ross Douthat:

Or Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich:

Or her Fox News compatriot Monica Crowley:

Of course, some people are just enjoying the show:

Ben Carson Lied About Being Accepted To West Point

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