Neil deGrasse Tyson enrages gun-loving wing-nuts: "What a croc o' sh*t!"

The celebrated astrophysicist set the record very straight on American gun violence. Not everyone liked it, however

Published November 10, 2015 9:15PM (EST)

  (AP/Dennis Van Tine)
(AP/Dennis Van Tine)

Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a particularly entertaining history of publicly irking conservatives. So it wasn't surprising when Tyson yesterday took aim at gun violence in America. And it was even less surprising that conservatives responded in characteristically cuckoo-bananas fashion.

Tyson tweeted the following gun violence statistics:

[embedtweet id="663861210073329664"]

[embedtweet id="663813313105559552"]

[embedtweet id="663737372379619328"]

Gun nuts had the following tantrums, curated by RawStory, comparing gun violence to obesity, auto accidents,  alcohol-related deaths, and just about any other quantifiable cause of death:

[embedtweet id="663862275695054848"]

[embedtweet id="663861947461300224"]

[embedtweet id="663896258684186624"]

You know the Second Amendment's under pressure when the right-wing base breaks out a hastily made infographic to demonstrate skewed stats:

[embedtweet id="663928191480786944"]

A dog called the Ivy League PhD a capitol-I "Idiot" for failing to consider the self-defense viewpoint:

[embedtweet id="663863823342960640"]

And then made a meme on WordArt:

[embedtweet id="663862970548547584"]

Tyson's message was especially prescient ahead of today's release of a McClatchy-Marist poll revealing 63 percent of voters are more concerned with gun violence than terrorism.

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