In this photo taken Dec. 21, 2015, Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump addresses supporters at a campaign rall in Grand Rapids, Mich. The former reality television star and tabloid king has relied on free news coverage to power his presidential campaign. And he wants to control that coverage as much as possible. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio) (AP)

Some hope for the Trump haters: The stars say the White House is not in his future

Forget the polls — Astrological portrait paints grim picture of Trump's chances of winning the presidency

Antoaneta Roussi
January 21, 2016 9:38PM (UTC)

There have been countless polls about Donald Trump chances of becoming president, but forget about the statistics — it's time to look into the stars.

Christian Ene, astrologer and tarot reader, of, has charted Donald’s natal chart as well as “his qualities and defects” and how planetary alignments during 2016 will affect the real estate mogul as he advances in the campaign. Ene's chart has entered the 2016 elections Reddit, and has garnered interest with both Trump haters and lovers alike.


Ene's verdict —  Trump will not become president.

Trump, born June 14, 1946, is a Gemini, a sign known for its two-faced like qualities. There have been two U.S. presidents born under this sign: John F. Kennedy and George H.W. Bush.

Geminis usually exhibit a sharp intellect, good communication and sociability, but common flaws are duality, instability and “too much talk,” according to Ene.


From Ene’s evaluation, Trump also has Uranus in his chart, apparently explaining his “strange and unconventional ideas, including his unconventional political behavior," according to his site.

The 8th astrological house is about inheritance, and money by way of others. According to Ene, “The wonderful thing in Trump’s natal chart is that the two planetary rulers of the 8th house in Pisces are both in the second house. So he can use other people’s resources for earning his own cash. And he did it!”

Trump was born under a Full Moon, Ene says, and it's common knowledge that this kind of energy is hard to handle, and can be linked to lunacy. Explaining some of the more outlandish comments he has made on immigration and Muslims.


This year, Saturn crosses into Sagittarius and Trump’s natal Dark Moon will be influenced by planetary restrictions and karma. An apparent indication that it will be quite difficult for the billionaire to activate the good side of the natal Moon, or win the election. “Instead, a powerful Dark Moon brings many problems and controversies,” Ene said.

Unfortunately, Ene didn't predict who will actually win the presidency.


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