Treehouses, boats and now igloos: Airbnb hosts will rent out anything to make a buck

A man posted an igloo on Airbnb for $200/night during storm Jonas — and it did look sort of cozy

By Asha Parker
Published January 26, 2016 9:01PM (UTC)
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A Brooklyn man built a "Boutique Winter Igloo for 2" during Storm Jonas over the weekend and posted his creation on Airbnb for $200 a night.

The listing claims the igloo is ‘hand-crafted, and built using only natural elements’ and will provide the “experience of a lifetime in the chic dome-style bungalow for you and bae”.


Airbnb promptly removed the post but did tell the entrepreneur that his igloo "looked very well constructed," the man said.

Check out the igloo in this video.

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