Donald Trump denies sexually harassing Iowa staffer, but refuses to comment on discriminating against her

According to the discrimination suit, Elizabeth Mae Davidson was paid half of what her male counterparts were

Published February 1, 2016 1:37PM (EST)

  (AP/Carlos Osorio)
(AP/Carlos Osorio)

The day before citizens of Iowa caucus to determine which two candidates they want to represent their respective parties, GOP front-runner Donald Trump finds himself under assault by members of his own organization, as the New York Times' Trip Garbriel reveals that the organizer for Davenport, Iowa's third-largest city, has filed a discrimination suit against his campaign.

Elizabeth Mae Davidson alleges that men who performed the same duties as she did were both granted greater latitude when it came to how to do their job and paid almost twice as much as she was for the privilege of doing so. According to Davidson, she was paid $2,000 a month by the campaign because, she was told, she also held a part-time job as a paralegal -- however, she later learned that her associate, Marc Elcock, was paid almost twice that despite having a full-time position as a lawyer.

Several other men who shared Davidson's title of "district representative" were also paid between $3,500 and $4,000 a month. The complaint also alleges that when Davidson met Trump, he remarked on her looks, claiming that she could "do a lot of damage" with them. Trump denied making that claim, saying "that is not the worst thing that could be said, but I never said it. It's not in my vocabulary."

He did not, however, speak to the other charges against his campaign, noting only that he never remembers having met Davidson -- which, despite taking multiple pictures with her that are posted on Facebook, is believable given the nature of a modern American presidential campaign -- but that he has heard from his "people" that "she did a terrible job," and that's why she was let go in mid-January.

Former Staffer Sues Donald Trump's Campaign for Discrimination

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