Donald Trump's first post-Iowa tweets indicate he's following Ann Coulter down the revised expectations rabbit hole

All his talk about "winning" was just bluster, second place isn't the "first loser," he's happy with results

Published February 2, 2016 4:22PM (EST)

  (AP/Carlos Osorio)
(AP/Carlos Osorio)

The day after the Iowa Primary, which he lost to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Donald Trump has decided to follow Ann Coulter's lead and declare that he never expected to win the state, so his second-place showing is, in his words, "Nice" and a "Great honor":

His spirits were much higher earlier in the day, when he was imploring his supporters that it is:


Because as everyone knows:

Except it didn't, so now history needs a little revision -- a tweaking of expectations, so people don't start thinking thoughts like:

But it's not as if Trump really needs to worry, because:

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Trump is already very upset with media coverage of his loss:

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