Dr. Ben Carson claims to be going home to Florida after Iowa caucuses to prepare for Prayer Breakfast

That, or he just signaled that he's the next Republican hopeful to drop out of the race

Published February 2, 2016 1:09AM (EST)

  (Reuters/Joe Skipper)
(Reuters/Joe Skipper)

CNN is reporting that instead of heading to New Hampshire after the Iowa caucuses tonight, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson will be headed home to Florida to -- at least according to his campaign representative -- prepare for the National Prayer Breakfast.

This decision could be strategic, since Carson first rose to national prominence due to his appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, or it could be the first sign that he will be the next Republican candidate who believes the road to the White House is now too long and arduous for his campaign.

It's worth noting that he made this decision on the same day Politico posted posted an article detailing the frustrations of many of his staffers at the amount of money that the campaign has paid out to advisors. Nearly $5 million was funneled to the Eleventy Marketing Group, almost $3 million to TMA Direct, and $1.2 million to Communication Manager Source. The campaign also paid out almost $10 million to various direct mailing and viral marketing firms.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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