"Absolute zero on the f**ks-given scale": Larry Wilmore applauds Obama's mosque visit, mocking the "secret Muslim" myth won't die

President Obama really doesn't care what the right-wing thinks of him anymore, and it's awesome

Published February 4, 2016 1:58PM (EST)

Larry Wilmore brought us the latest in "Obama don't care" news on Wednesday evening's "Nightly Show." Earlier that day, President Obama visited a Mosque in Baltimore to talk about religious freedom and to attempt to "correct the record on hugely distorted impression of Muslim Americans."

"Ooooooo," Wilmore began. " The so-called 'secret Muslim' visited a mosque. Ladies and gentlemen, that's right, he's reached absolute zero on the fucks-given scale. But think about it, the President is trying to undistort impressions that Americans have on Muslims when many Americans have a distorted impression that the President is a Muslim."


Check out the video below:

Obama Slams Anti-Islam Rhetoric During First Visit to U.S. Mosque

By Sarah Burris

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