“Donald Trump’s kryptonite": Megyn Kelly to Stephen Colbert on the billionaire's "beef" with her

Fox News star defends her treatment of Donald Trump during first GOP debate

Published February 8, 2016 4:53AM (EST)

“Donald Trump’s kryptonite,” Megyn Kelly joined Stephen Colbert on his post-Super Bowl live “Late Show.”

Asked why Fox News is feuding with Donald Trump, Kelly explained, "Donald Trump has been on Fox News 140 times in the last year, so we are not feuding with him."

“But he does have a beef with me,” Kelly added.

Regarding Trump’s boast that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters, Kelly said she has one question for Trump: “I want to ask him: Were you talking about me?”

Kelly explained that her spat with Trump — culminating in The Donald's absence from the Republican debate prior to last week's Iowa caucus — stemmed from a question about misogyny she asked as moderator of the first Fox Debate that  offended Trump.

“I thought it was a very fair question,” Kelly said. “And I, to this moment, think it was a fair question."

Watch Megyn Kelly's full "Late Show" appearance below:

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