Bernie Sanders takes on Donald Trump's "false message," tells Stephen Colbert they are responding to different voter unease

Bill O'Reilly told Colbert this week that Trump/Sanders were same guy with different haircut. Not so, says Bernie

Published February 11, 2016 12:28PM (EST)

Fresh off a decisive New Hampshire victory, Bernie Sanders joined Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" to talk Puppy Monkey Baby, Bill O'Reilly and, of course, Donald Trump.

Asked why Democratic "younglings" overwhelmingly support him over Hillary Clinton, Sanders gave two reasons:

"By definition, young people are idealistic. And they look at a world with so many problems and they say ... 'Why can't all people in this country have healthcare? Why can't we make public colleges and universities tuition-free?'"

Colbert then interjected, challenging Sanders to account for the cost of his proposals:

"But the second part that I think young people are thinking about is how does it happen that with all of this technology and productivity in our economy, they are likely to have a lower standard of living than their parents."

Citing Bill O'Reilly's "Late Show" appearance before a more hostile crowd Monday night, Colbert asked Sanders if he and Trump are in fact "the same guy with different haircuts."

"I think a lot of Donald Trump supporters are angry," Sanders explained. "But I think what they've done is responded to Trump's false message."

Watch Sanders' full appearance below:

And then watch Sanders crash Colbert's monologue:

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