Racist newsletter endorses Donald Trump: South Carolina publication cites billionaire's stands on border, Muslims entering U.S.

The Conservative Action Report's front page also features story titled "Is Barack Obama a Muslim?"

Published February 19, 2016 6:18PM (EST)

Donald Trump  (AP/Gerald Herbert)
Donald Trump (AP/Gerald Herbert)

Considering Donald Trump's hardline anti-immigration platform, it only makes sense that South Carolina's foremost white nationalist publication (and "decades-long fighters against POLITICAL CORRECTNESS"), The Conservative Action Report, has officially endorsed him ahead of tomorrow's primary.

“This is due to Mr. Trump’s courageous stand to ‘SECURE THE BORDER’ with Mexico to prohibit the scandalous traffic in illegal aliens (a national security threat),” the endorsement reads. “We also endorse the Trump Plan [sic.] to limit Muslim entry into the United States, as long as ISIS continues to use migration and immigration as methods to infiltrate their terrorists into the Western World (Europe and the Western Hemisphere. See San Bernardino Massacre.)”

The monthly newsletter, according to Mother Jones, "appears to be affiliated with the South Carolina Conservative Action Council [SCCAC], which 'proudly' defends the 'Confederate South' and the Confederate flag."

The Conservative Action Report's endorsement of Trump shared front-page billing with what's surely a thorough piece of investigative journalism titled, "Is Barack Obama a Muslim?"

Slate reporter Jim Newell tweeted pictures of the newsletter, copies of which were tucked under the windshield wipers of cars outside a Ted Cruz rally in Greenville Thursday night:

What's gather-able from the SCCAC's scant online presence is that the group's chairman is Dr. William G. Carter III, a chiropractor who's been publicly fighting to preserve the Confederate flag since at least 1994, when, in response to NAACP backlash against South Carolina's flying the flag at its State House, Carter told the L.A. Times the following:

"The flag is not costing anybody anything. We have black history month, Martin Luther King Day. We have affirmative action. We have minority set-asides. . . . They (blacks) have been awarded 37 majority black districts in the (state) House and 14 in the Senate. They've got a gerrymandered congressional district . . . Hell, what else do they want?"

You might ask what qualifies a chiropractor and his hillbilly followers to endorse presidential candidates? Well, Carter is no political novice. In 1992, he managed the South Carolina presidential campaign of former-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In actuality, the SCCAC's endorsement is far from surprising, since Duke sang Trump's praises last August. Welcome, SCCAC, the newest member of Trump 2016's roster of racist endorsers.

If you're curious what kind of voters bolster Trump's poll numbers, watch Carter lay out his mission statement before a dozen followers and local reporters at a Confederate flag rally he organized in 2010:

Trump: I Will Do

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