Extreme right-wing talker Michael Savage wants credit for Donald Trump's rise: I'm "the architect of Trump's messaging"

Michael Savage says Trump campaign stole his nationalist talking points "to the benefit of the United States"

Published February 25, 2016 4:13PM (EST)

Michael Savage          (AP/John Storey)
Michael Savage (AP/John Storey)

Controversial right-wing talk radio host Michael Savage Wednesday took credit for the anti-immigration stances that have made Donald Trump such a successful presidential candidate.

Savage, a self-described conservative nationalist, called himself "the architect of Trump's messaging."

"For 21 years, my message has been borders, language and culture," Savage explained to listeners of his show, "Savage Nation," on Cumulus Media Networks. "Many of these bullet points have been or are being used by the Trump campaign, to the credit of Donald Trump and, of course, to the benefit of the United States of America."

Listen below:

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By Brendan Gauthier

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