"Donald can't be responsible for every person that comes to his rallies": Omarosa does garbage job defending Trump's violent protests

"Apprentice" D-lister blames violence at "Brooklyn boy" Trump's rallies on media bias, Black Lives Matter

Published March 11, 2016 8:36PM (EST)

Omarosa Manigault — of "Apprentice," "Celebrity Apprentice," and "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" fame (if you can call it that) — brought her particular brand of villainy to Chris Matthews' post-GOP debate show on MSNBC Thursday night.

Matthews led with a question about violence at Trump rallies — a relevant topic in light of the assault charges brought against John McGraw, the 78-year-old who allegedly punched a protester at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Wednesday.

"It's very interesting that no one's covering the protesters at Hillary rallies or at Kasich rallies or at Cruz rallies," Manigault said, implying media bias.

Asked if people are secretly punched in the face at other candidates' rallies, Manigault answered, "Absolutely."

"Black Lives Matter is everywhere," she continued, baselessly associating the assault victim, Rakeem Jones, with the Black Lives Matter movement. "These Black Lives Matter protesters are prepared for any type of environment that they go into to make their point."

"Donald can't be responsible for every person that comes to his rallies," she continued. "This is not the only candidate that has protesters at their rallies."

Manigault excused Trump's incitations, calling him "a Brooklyn boy" who's "not gonna get pushed around." (Trump grew up in Jamaica Estates, a wealthy neighborhood in Queens. And, as Republican Congressman Peter King will tell you, "There's no tough guys from Jamaica Estates.")

Matthews then brought in Daily Mail reporter Francesca Chambers to deliver the final death blow to Manigault's apologist argument.

"I typically cover the Democrats and I never see that type of behavior go down at a Hillary Clinton rally or a Bernie Sanders rally," Chambers confirmed. "No one at any of those rallies has been punched."

"Thank you, Francesca, for that insight," Manigault replied with intentional condescension.

"No," Matthews interjected in defense of his guest. "I think it's called reporting,"

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By Brendan Gauthier

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