Telling Hillary Clinton to smile wasn't Joe Scarborough's first offense: Here's 5 times he got all sexist on-air

Remember when he snapped his fingers at Mika Brzezinski

By Janet Upadhye
Published March 17, 2016 9:52PM (UTC)
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Joe Scarborough (NBC News)

Tuesday night, as election returns were coming in and it was clear that Hillary Clinton did well in the Democratic primaries, she gave a speech in Florida celebrate her victories.

As she was speaking, NBC’s Joe Scarborough tweeted advice for the Democratic frontrunner. “Smile,” he wrote. “You just had a big night.”


The internet went wild with criticism for the remark that most people quickly recognize as classic sexism. But it's not nearly Scarborough's first jaunt into public chauvinism.

Check out our video of the talk show host's top five sexist moments on-air.

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