TMZ report: Garry Shandling narrowly missed "potentially lifesaving trip" to ER

"The Larry Sanders Show" star's limo service was waiting outside his house when paramedics showed up

Published March 25, 2016 7:25PM (EDT)

 (AP Photo/Mark J.Terrill, File)
(AP Photo/Mark J.Terrill, File)

TMZ is reporting that stand-up and "The Larry Sanders Show" star, Garry Shandling who suffered a massive heart attack during his own 911 call and passed away Thursday — "missed lifesaving help by minutes."

According to the report, Shandling consulted a "doctor/friend" about his "shortness of breath and achiness," which had persisted since Wednesday.

His doctor/friend instructed him to go to the emergency room immediately, so Shandling called a limo service for a car that was eventually parked outside his house when paramedics arrived.

"The limo was there to take Garry to a nearby hospital," the report says, "but Garry missed the potentially lifesaving trip by minutes."

Real the full story over at TMZ.

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