North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory blames interloping, out-of-state media for outrage over new "common sense" anti-LGBTQ law

He assured the state that the people who really matter -- corporations -- are fine with the new law

Published March 29, 2016 1:48PM (EDT)

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R) complained on Monday that the problem with the state's recently passed anti-gay law isn't that it fundamentally violates constitutional guarantees to equal protection, but that the media is reporting about the fact that it does.

Not that he's worried, because what really matters is that he has "not had one corporation tell [him] that they're threatening to leave. We’ve clearly stated to them that their policies do not change [but] they did not know that based on the press coverage." If that sounds like corporations did contact him and threaten to leave, Gov. McCrory would rather just not have you think about that.

"There’s a very well-coordinated national campaign" -- because, of course, North Carolina natives find the law perfectly acceptable -- "that is distorting the truth [and] frankly smearing our state in an inaccurate way, which I’m working to correct."

"I hope the media," the governor continued, "starts putting out more accurate information on the facts between a basic common sense bill which allows businesses to determine their own restroom and shower and locker room facilities, not government." Of course, most media accounts of the new anti-ordinance legislation have been reporting accurately about the law, which clearly and deliberately allows for public schools and government buildings to discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community.

But the real problem, of course, is that interlopers from " the national media with the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Huffington Post" have "failed miserably in communicating clear facts." Gov. McCrory begged those institutions to "put out the accurate information about the true facts of a common sense ordinance."

Watch his entire press conference below via the News Observer.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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