Ted Cruz: "Of course" Donald Trump planted the story about his alleged affairs in the National Enquirer

Cruz could have backed, but instead he doubled, then tripled down

Published March 30, 2016 12:32AM (EDT)

Ted Cruz   (AP/Evan Vucci)
Ted Cruz (AP/Evan Vucci)

In tonight's CNN town-hall discussion, host Anderson Cooper asked Texas Senator Ted Cruz whether he could sure that Donald Trump's organization was responsible for rumors that surfaced over the weekend in the National Enquirer.

"You claim that the story was 'planted' by Donald Trump," Cooper asked, "do you have any proof of that?"

Instead of being circumspect, Cruz said quite plainly that he is positive that Trump was responsible for the rumors. He noted that "the story on its face quoted one person on the record...Trump's chief political strategist and hatchet man, Roger Stone" and noted that Trump himself had proposed that the editor of "the head of the National Enquirer, a guy named David Pecker, is good friends with Donald Trump."

"But you don't know for a fact that Donald Trump planted that story," Cooper replied.

"Of course I do," Cruz said. "Do you know that in its history the National Enquirer has never endorsed a presidential candidate until Donald Trump? Trump suggested that David Pecker, the head of the National Enquirer, should take over Time magazine. Who in their right mind would suggest that?"

Cruz later said that "the media is engaged in a love-fest with Donald Trump," and when Cooper noted that he's invited Cruz to be on Anderson Cooper 360 on numerous occasions, and that he's always refused to appear, Cruz could only say, "I'm here now!"

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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