Donald Trump takes to Fox News to lay the groundwork to legitimately steal the GOP nomination from the Republican Party

"The endorsements [of politicians] don't mean anything," he said Sunday, what matters are "the people"

Published April 4, 2016 12:22PM (EDT)

Donald Trump (Credit: Fox News)
Donald Trump (Credit: Fox News)

During his #TrumpTownHall with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren on Sunday, Donald Trump rejected the idea that he'd need the endorsement of Texas Senator Ted Cruz to unite the party and put him in the White House.

In his typical manner of wanting and having it both ways, Trump told Van Susteren that "I'm not a huge believer in endorsements, although I've had some that have had a huge impact."

He went on to say that Cruz "doesn't have to endorse me," because "I think Ted Cruz would be a terrible president. I don't want him to be under any pressure. Don't endorse me. It's not going to have any impact. The people know what's going on."

Trump added that he's been watching the other "politicians" in this race and decided they're just not up to his snuff.

"They said, 'If we get the House, it's going to be different.' We got the House, nothing happened. 'If we get the Senate, it's going to be different.'"

"Now we have the House and the Senate, nothing is different," he complained. "I know politicians. Their endorsements don't mean anything."

"The only thing that means anything," Trump concluded, with one eye clearly on the possibility of a brokered convention, "are the people."

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

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