"Nothing he's said is racist!": Fox News' Sean Hannity insists, repeatedly, that Donald Trump has never said anything racist

His panelists disagreed, noting he's even offered to pay legal fees of fans who beat black protesters

Published April 13, 2016 12:36PM (EDT)

 Sean Hannity (Credit: Fox News)
Sean Hannity (Credit: Fox News)

On Hannity Tuesday evening, host Sean Hannity claimed his anti-racism runs so deep he didn't even understand Bill de Blasio's joke about "CP time," then complained that the real problem with the joke was that a Republican would never be allowed to make it.

"I can't stand the double-standard," he said. "If this was [Donald] Trump or [Ted] Cruz, this would be the end of their campaign." The fact that it hasn't ended Hillary Clinton's campaign is proof that any "outrage and indignation" felt by the left over racial matters is "fundamentally phony."

Panelist Eric Guster challenged Hannity's assumptions, saying "it would not be the end of the campaign" for Trump or Cruz, as evidenced by the fact that "Trump has ignited racial flames all over the country" and is still leading among Republicans.

Hannity yelled at Guster to "stop, stop," but he wouldn't relent. Trump "has supported people who have decked black protesters, he's offered to pay legal fees for people who have attacked -- "

"You're a broken record," Hannity interjected. "You say this every time you're on."

"Because it's the truth," Guster replied.

"It's not racist," Hannity said. "Nothing he's said is racist!"

"I said he's fanning the racial flames," Guster noted, "because that's what he's doing."

"That's calling him racist," Hannity said, "and that's total B.S."

Watch the entire conversation below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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