"I like to brand people honestly": Donald Trump justifies his "crooked Hillary" slogan to Bill O'Reilly

"She has some nasty pieces of work on her payroll," O'Reilly agreed, as if to justify Trump's nastiness in advance

Published April 21, 2016 12:11PM (EDT)

Donald Trump   (AP/Wilfredo Lee)
Donald Trump (AP/Wilfredo Lee)

Donald Trump appeared on The O'Reilly Factor Wednesday evening to discuss the state of the presidential race after his victory in New York Tuesday. According to Trump, it all comes down to him and Hillary Clinton at this point -- and he's already figured out how to "brand" her.

"I like to to brand people honestly," he told host Bill O'Reilly. "I branded her 'crooked Hillary' because she has a lot of problems." Trump said that he fully expects Clinton's surrogates to "be very tough with me, I've read they're doing all kinds of opposition research."

"She has some nasty pieces of work on her payroll," O'Reilly replied. "They will come after you by leaking stuff to the Huffington Post, some left-wing website, or a legitimate paper."

Which, of course, every candidate does, but apparently it's novel for Trump, and so he came up with an equally novel solution: "there will be retaliation" if Clinton uses any of this research, "as there should be -- but if they treat me fairly I will treat them fairly."

Trump added that "Bernie Sanders made a big mistake by not going after her emails, which are a big part of her life story."

Watch the entire interview below via Fox News.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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