Sean Hannity whines about "anti-cop" Beyoncé and Michelle Obama in bizarre defense of Curt Schilling's transphobia

"Do you really want your daughters dressing like Beyoncé," Hannity asked, suggesting Schilling's a better example

By Sophia Tesfaye

Senior Politics Editor

Published April 26, 2016 7:51PM (EDT)

Sean Hannity has long held objections to Beyonce. He also suffers from a clear case of Obama Derangement Syndrome and he's been a vocal defender of Curt Schilling -- recently fired from his job as an ESPN commentator for posting transphobic social media posts. Perhaps in some effort to one-up his fellow right-wing talker Alex Jones, Hannity has garbled his latest anti-Beyonce rant to include an incoherent defense of Schilling along with a gratuitous swipe at the judgement of the Obamas as parents for good measure.

"I feel so bad for Curt Schilling. Oh, Curt Schilling raised the question of transgendered bathrooms, now he's fired from ESPN. Oh, isn’t that nice?" Hannity began on his radio show Monday. Schilling, a 49 year-old former MLB pitcher, was previously suspended from ESPN for Islamophobic tweets he shared before being permanently booted last Wednesday for sharing transphobic memes in support of North Carolina's discriminatory transgender bathroom ban. Since then, Schilling has served as a useful conservative victim of the so-called "pc police." Hannity, who argued Schilling "isn't so wrong" shortly after the commentator's firing, was quick to wrangle another favorite conservative boogeyman into his latest defense of Schilling.

"Remember the great role model, Beyoncé? As described as a role model, friend of Barack and Michelle Obama?" he continued. "The role model is now smashing to smithereens," Hannity whined. "In her new video from the visual album 'Lemonade' shows the queen of pop smashing dozens of cars and other objects to smithereens with a baseball bat."

"Isn't that a great," he asked, reminding his audience that Obama once called Beyonce a great role model for his daughters. "Oh, the Beyoncé that just did the anti-cop video -- that one?" Hannity mockingly asked, referring to the singer's "Formation" music video.

"Do you really want your daughters dressing like Beyoncé?" Hannity continued, in the tired tradition of conservative Beyoncé haters like Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee. "I don’t think so."

"What a great way to raise your kids," he concluded, seemingly not having to explicitly finish his suggestion that Schilling is a much more valid role model than Beyoncé.  Of course, this is the same Hannity that when Walmart moved to end sales of the confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston shootings last year, complained that they should cease selling Prince albums in fairness.

Listen to Hannity's latest ridiculous rant, via Media Matters:

By Sophia Tesfaye

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