This will make you cringe: Watch men read hateful online comments to cyber-harassed female sports reporters

Looking victims of cyber-harassment in the eyes had these men apologizing for comments they didn't even write

Published April 26, 2016 6:21PM (EDT)

In a  YouTube video titled "#MoreThanMean - Women in Sports 'Face' Harassment," regular guys are asked to sit face-to-face with ESPN anchor Sarah Spain and Chicago sports radio host Julie DiCaro — two female journalists who face cyber-harassment beyond that of their male counterparts -- and read comments from their readers.

The men had not seen the hateful, often obscene comments beforehand, though Spain and DiCaro had. The comments were believably evil (as far as Internet hate speech goes), but the act of reciting them to the victim's face had some of the men apologizing for something they didn't even write. A few asked if they had to read certain comments.

"I'm having trouble looking at you when I'm saying these things," one guy told Spain, before reading, "Sarah Spain is a bitch I would hatefuck."

Watch the full video below:

By Brendan Gauthier

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