George Takei scolds Bernie supporters who would rather "bust" than vote for Hillary

It's a gentle scolding -- but a powerful one nonetheless

Published April 28, 2016 11:55AM (EDT)

George Takei       (AP/Victoria Will)
George Takei (AP/Victoria Will)

On Wednesday evening, actor, activist, and general boon-to-humanity George Takei posted a video on Facebook urging supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders not to embrace the "Bernie or Bust!" mentality and support Hillary Clinton.

"This is a message from me, to all who voted or will vote in the Democratic primary," Takei wrote by way of introducing his video. "Please, try not to freak out, friends, and don't troll others here."

"Ultimately," he said in the video, "we Democrats know that a bit of a tussle isn’t a bad thing. It makes us stronger, keeps us sharp. It's like a family squabble, where only family -- those very close to us -- can truly get under our skin. But remember this, too -- it’s precisely because we like and respect each other that the words and criticisms sting as much as they do."

After listing the number of issues on which Sanders and Clinton agree -- including LGBTQ rights, maintaining Obamacare, supporting Planned Parenthood, sustaining the separation between church and state -- Takei reminded viewers of what Sanders himself said late last year.

Namely, that if he didn't win the nomination, in a general election, Clinton would be an "infinitely better candidate and president than any Republican candidate on his best day."

"If Bernie believes that," he said, "his supporters can too."

Watch Takei's entire video below via Facebook.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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